Party & Wedding Planning Advice

Planning a special occasion or party is not as easy as everyone thinks! Small details take time to think through, plan, put together and set up – not to mention the costs that can be associated with putting an event together. Everyone wants their special memories to be just that – special and a remembrance of what a wonderful time you had.

When planning your occasion, keep it simple. And when I say simple, this doesn’t mean boring. Simple can go hand in hand with amazing. Google and brainstorm ideas and pictures of what you’d like the decorations and set up to be like. This gives you a visual of what you could have. Think of these things in advance because as it gets closer to the day, you’ll find time flies and you all of a sudden can’t get everything done!

Write down a list of all the little things that you need to do.

Anything that you can do in advance, get it done straight away. I learnt from planning my own wedding, I had the mentality “oh it’s okay, I don’t need to do that til 3 weeks before”, or “oh I have plenty of time to get that done later on”. This didn’t work at all. Later on came so fast that I ran out of time, and stress was the result. This wasn’t fun. The last thing you want to do is stress. You want to enjoy every part of the occasion you have coming up, and sit back and look at your hard work to see it has paid off.

Written By – Tickled Pink Party Ideas

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