10 Creative Birthday Loot Bag Ideas under $4 – Instead of Lolly Bags!

Kids Birthday Parties are a time where kids tend to do nothing but play, eat, and enjoy sweets and cake! But not all parents would like to have their child come home with the traditional bag full of lollies. So what are some other cheap options that you could send as a take home gift instead of a lolly bag, maybe as part of a loot bag that will have parents chuffed!?

We have put together 10 fantastic and creative kids birthday party loot bag ideas, all for under $4, and 9 of them are under $3!! All kids love novelties, and they will feel like they have a present to take home from the party too. And we have ensured not to choose throw away items, and things that the kids are sure to love!

  1. Mini Strawberry Plant Growing Kit (Little Gardeners) – Bunnings – $3.98

Mini Strawberry Plant Bunnings

Such a great idea, kids can take home their very own little strawberry plant to grow! It comes in it’s own cup, and they also have lemon kits available too.

2. Paint Your Own Mug Set – Kmart – $3

Paint your own mug set Kmart

This is a great creative idea that can be given as a take home gift instead of a lolly bag. Although the bo says age 8+, with a adult supervision, littles from around 4 years old could easily do this at home. It includes a 6 piece set!

3. Plaster Painting Loot BagsPlaster Castle – from $2.20

Plaster Painting Loot Bags Plaster Castle.png

Anything crafty most kids love! These mini plaster painting loot bags come with a plaster mould ready to paint, 2 paints and brush, and are individually wrapped in a cello bag with ribbon, ready to go! They have lots and lots of different character moulds to suit your party theme too.

4. Themed CrayonsCute Crayon Creations – From $1.00

Cute Crayon Creations Crayons.png

These crayons that come in an array of different themes, are a great idea to give as a take home gift, or add to a loot bag for a kids birthday party! You could order a couple per child and include a colouring in book to really top it off if you’re wanting to add something extra.

5. Personalised Small Chocolate Bars – DIY Yourself

Chocolate bars

So we have been a little sneaky here, and added in something sweet to our top 10 list. Technically not lollies, but these personalised chocolate bars are a great idea as a little take home gift, instead of a full bag of lollies. And you can theme to your preferred party theme, and display on your cake table on show! These can easily be a DIY yourself creation, using the small chocolate bars from Aldi.


Photo courtesy of Tickled Pink Celebrations

6. Bubble Wands – Big W – $0.50c

Bubble Wands Big W.png

Bubble Wands are a cheap and easy gift idea for kids to take home from a party. There are so many different ways you can dress up these wands, by adding a small printed tag to say ‘Thanks for coming to my party!’, or you can tailor the wand to your party theme. Add printed stickers and som fabric to make a cape for a Superhero theme,  or add some green crepe paper strips or ribbon on the end to make them look like carrots!

7. Play Dough – KMart/Big W – $0.75-1.50

Play Dough.png

Play Dough is another great and cheap idea to give to kids. the ‘Dough’ brand has available from Kmart for $0.75c a tub,  and they also have a great Dough Roller available for $2. Alternatively you can get the original Play-Doh brand from Big W for $1.50 per tub, or 8 tubs for $7. Go one step further and print off personalised stickers to add onto the outside of the tub!

8. Candy Treat SticksHandmade with Love – $2.50

Candy Treat Sticks-Handmade with Love.png

These treat sticks are a nice way to give a little something sweet, without going overboard, and you can theme them to your party style!

9. Individually wrapped CookiesSydney Biscuiteer

Image may contain: foodNo automatic alt text available.Image may contain: food

Cookies are a fantastic way to give something small that’s a little sweet, and it fits in perfectly with your party theme! The can come in little individually wrapped bags with ribbon.

10. Small Toy – Kmart/Big W – From $2

Small Toys.png

There are lots of little small toy ideas you can get from the $2 shop, KMart or Big W as a gift for kids to take home, which you could wrap up in their own little bag, and maybe add a lollipop or something small to make it feel like a lolly bag if you want to. Small dinosaurs are great for boys, they will get played with and not thrown away as junk – these are $3 from Kmart. You could also buy these great play balls (about 15cm wide) from Big W for $2.75, a Hot Wheels car from Big W for $2, and there are great puzzles in Big W for $3.00 each, that come in a range of characters so they’re perfect for themed parties with both boys and girls attending. Frozen, LOL, PJ Masks, Cars, Blaze & The Monster Machines & My Little Pony are available.





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